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Reflection Leadership 2020 - 2021 

Reflection Dance Captains:

Norah Hill and Jaedyn Jefferson 

Reflection President:

Jennifer Christa Haycraft 

Reflection Vice President:

Emma Sammons 

Rehearsal Assistant:

Grace Melton 

Music Librarian:

Apple Guillory 

Historian / Photographer:

Madilyn Templeton 

Soprano Section Leader:

Anna Claire Boutwell 

Soprano II Section Leader:

Meredith Molen 

Alto Section Leader:

Minna Ibrahim 

Rhapsody Leadership 2020 -2021 



Rhapsody Boys Dance Captain / Tenor Section Leader:

Slay Lucius 

Rhapsody Girls Dance Captains:

Annalise Dent and Jordan Cook

Rehearsal Assistant: Madelyn Grimes

Rhapsody President: Micah McGriggs 

Rhapsody Vice President:

Jaedyn Jefferson


NWR MusicFest Chairperson:

William Baker 

Music Librarian:

Deanna Harrison 

Historian / Photographer:

Maci Pearson


Riser Captain:

Chaz Conn 

Soprano Section Leader:


Alto Section Leader:

Olivia Sangster 

Bass Section Leader:

Zachary Templeton 

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